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Community Education in Minneapolis, MN

Community Education Dance Classes Larry and Barb Teach


Farmington Dance Lessons
Meadowview School Call 651-460-3203 For Reservation and Information




Jefferson Community Ed Minneapolis, MN
Call 612-668-2740 For Reservation and Information and Date of next class.

Jefferson Community Ed Ballroom class held at Jefferson Grade School Gym located on corner of 26th and Hennepin in Minneapolis, MN. includes Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing East

Class Name: Ballroom Dance 1 (Jefferson)

Location: Minneapolis Community Education
Jefferson (612-668-2740)
1200 West 26th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Classroom: TBD
Directions to Class Location:
Located on the corner of 26th Street and Hennepin Avenue South in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. Enter the building using the northernmost door on either the Emerson Ave. or Hennepin Ave. side of the building.
Have a great class!



Lakeville Dance Lessons
Parks and Recreation
Senior Building on Holyoke

Call 952-985-4481 For Reservation and Information

Classes are for ages 17 and older and held on Monday evenings.
Enter and take a quick right into the banquet room.
Beginner to Intermediate Classes. Each dance session teaches different dance steps.

Each session will start with Basic step then Intermedite steps


Foxtrot, Waltz and East Coast Swing are the three main dances that work for any music event such as rock and roll, country, ballroom, weddings and parties. If the floor is crowded you can dance Nightclub two-step. For Country music the main dance is Country two-step. All the classes will start with beginner steps then some harder steps. Based on who is in class, it will be taught so everyone can understand. So depending on music you like:
Rock and Roll choose Foxtrot, East Coast Swing or Nightclub two-step.
Country choose Country two-step or Nightclub 2 step.
Weddings and Ballroom choose Foxtrot, Swing, Waltz or Nightclub two-step.








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