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Gift of Dance

Gift of Dance


If you are reading this article - you are probably one of those lucky people who already possess "The Gift". Dance may be as important in your life - as it is in mine! If that's a fact - you too must realize the importance of The Gift. We have all sent and received gifts for special occasions. But every once in a while there are moments of realization that lets us know how special we must be - to have been given this Gift of DANCE! Think of all the times when the world was coming down around your ears and you went dancing". Didn't it change your day?

I have been in situations where I thought I could not make it through the day: Personal pressures of the day! But - that would have to wait - "There's a class to teach and people are expecting me - The music starts - The class lines up - Someone asks a question - And there we go - "Off and dancing" The problems of the day disappear - even if it's only for a while. Dancing allows us to take a break from the cares of the day.

We've known all along that Dance is a gift. But sometimes we get so caught up in the joy of it all - that we forget to treat it as a gift! Don't be the one to spoil someone's evening. Take a deep breath and Share the gift. Someone out there needs a smile and quiet assurance that they are progressing as they should. Someone out there has had a bad day and really needs someone to tell them that they are okay. Not in words - simply by sharing a dance. Each of us has the opportunity to feel the glow that comes from sharing the gift. Feel the blessing every time you take the time to dance with someone a little less talented or a little less experienced.

We can use the dance as a way of growing - a way of learning how to give back some of the treasures that life has given us. Those who dance have been truly Blessed. Share the Blessing.

The years pass swiftly. Many wonderful experiences lie behind us - and many, more wonderful experiences lie before us. But today is the most valuable day in our lives. Close your eyes - Take a deep breath - and Smile. Take a moment to become aware that "It's really later than we think." Every time we do something for someone that brightens their day - more joy returns than one can imagine. One warm "Hello" - one sincere "Thank you for the dance" - one small, unexpected token of friendship, can really make somebody's day.

AND - if you're out there thinking that nobody cares about you - or that you can't really do anything for someone else until somebody does something for you - please remember this: I care About You.

Whoever you are, and wherever you are, I care about you. So go ahead and get yourself out there. Show that you care about the people around you. Does all this sound like I've had a really emotional day? You bet. I've spent several days thinking about several of the wonderful people I've come to know, simply because of the dance. Many of them are no longer with us. They have gone to a higher plane of existence. They are up there blazing new trails, gathering musicians, "DJs" and dancers - getting ready to welcome each of us, as it becomes our turn to "graduate."

Meanwhile, I am eternally grateful for all of the wonderful people who have been part of my life. My constant prayer is that somehow, the whole world could experience the exhilaration and sense of"renewal" that takes place, when we discover that "Life is a dance!" Live the experience. "Share the Gift."


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